The Best Part Of Fruit & Veg (That You Are Probably Tossing)

The best part of fruit and vegetables that you are probably tossing

While kids may ask for peeled apples or cut off crusts on bread, we need to remember that some of these parts are actually the healthiest part of the food!

For example, did you know that lemon rind contains polyphenol flavonoids, which can help lower LDL or bad cholesterol. Watermelon rind, on the other hand, contains citrulline, the amino acid that’s believed to work much like Viagra! But how often are we eating these parts of the fruits? For most of us, rarely!

Some other nutrient-dense parts of produce include:

  • Apple skin – thankfully, most of us eat this 🙂
  • Orange peel – like lemon peel, it contains wonderful nutrition
  • Swiss chard stems – the add a little crunch to your stir-fries
  • Beet greens – this leafy green is loaded with goodness
  • Pumpkin seeds – high in antioxidants and the only seed high in zinc
  • Turnip greens – Slightly bitter but wonderful for liver and gallbladder health
  • Potato skins – Contain vitamins, antioxidants and healthy fiber

To learn more about the best part of fruits and veggies that we’re throwing away, keep reading…