Should You Do the Paleo Diet?

Should you go paleo?

Last year, the Paleo diet became wildly popular. But does this diet deserve our attention, or should it stay a thing of the past?

Here’s what you should know about the Paleo diet.

The good


No processed foods

Good things don’t come in any packages. If it’s a processed food, avoid it. They’re less nutritious and contain ingredients you can’t pronounce, which is generally not a good thing.

No extra carbs

You’ll avoid added sugars, flour and extra carbohydrates. If the carbs don’t come from a fruit or vegetable, they belong in your diet.

No extra salt

See above. Breads, baked goods and processed foods are loaded with unhealthy levels of salt.

Fruits and vegetables

The freedom to eat delicious fruits and vegetables. Berries and root vegetables were high on the caveman’s list, so it’s on yours too. Enjoy.

You’ll get more omega-3 fats and less saturated fat. The diet only allows for wild game, wild-caught fish or farm animals that have been free-range and grass-fed thus incorporating healthier fats into your meals.

The bad


Some healthy foods are off the menu

Legumes (lentils, split peas) and beans are not included because weren’t part of a cave person’s diet even though they’re high in nutrients, healthy fiber and inexpensive protein.

Dairy products are not allowed

One of the easiest sources of calcium, Vitamin D and protein, you might find yourself deficient in these staples.

It’s expensive

Wild caught salmon and grass fed beef come at a premium, so be prepared to spend more on your grocery budget.

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