Why Pregnant Woman Should Eat This Fruit Every Day

Why pregnant women should eat this fruit every day

From the moment you use a due date calculator to discover when you’re expecting, you want to provide the best possible nutrition to your little one.

Well, this little fruit may just become your best friend.

Dates are very high in potassium, and contain magnesium calcium, sulfur, iron, phosphorous, manganese, and copper as well. All of these nutrients are wonderful for a pregnant woman.

But, what’s even more remarkable is that dates may help with childbirth. According to this study, pregnant women who consumed 6 dates a day in their last month of pregnancy had better cervical dilation, less premature ruptured membranes, significantly higher spontaneous labors (meaning fewer interventions), significantly lower use of synthetic oxytocin, and a shorter first stage labor.

While the study used a small control group (~70 participants), the results definitely warrant a randomised controlled trial. And, in the meantime, eating 6 dates a day – like these inexpensive organic dates – is certainly is worth a shot!

Why Pregnant Women Should Eat 6 Dates Every Day