What Does Your Snot Say About Your Health?

What Does Your Snot Say About Your Health?

Have you ever wondered what your nose is saying about your overall health? The mucus and snot that comes from the nose is gross, yet it is a great indicator of any health problems you may be having. Whether you have allergies, a cold, or something more serious, the tissue you are using to blow your nose can reveal a great deal.

Yellow/Green color

Most likely some sort of infection is present, whether this is viral or bacterial is determined by tests ran in a doctors office.


No infection present, which usually means allergies.


Dry nasal canals, predominately seen during the winter months.


Could mean that polyps are present


Fungal sinus infection

Foul Smelling

Could mean that you have a dental infection that has spread to the sinuses

With the presence of any type of infection, be sure that you are seeing a doctor who can better diagnose the problem.

The next time you blow your nose, be sure to see what your snot is saying about your bodies health. Who knew a tissue could such clues?

What Does Your Snot Say About Your Health?